CyprusJS is place for JavaScript enthusiasts in Cyprus to come together and discuss JavaScript and related technologies, learn from each other and solve problems

Stay at Home

In all seriousness though, we love our community and want everyone to stay safe, especially those who are the most vulnerable. That's why we've decided to cancel our upcoming meetups until there is more certainty around how we can safely conduct BerlinJS. We'll keep you posted on any further developments. Hope to see you all again soon and in good health ❤️.

We can't say it better than @BerlinJS 😘.


You can join us on Discord to chat about all things JavaScript or Cyprus.


Occasionally, we organize small, informal get-togethers all over Cyprus. You can Propose an Event yourself, if you want to meet like-minded people in your area.

Remote Activities

We're all tired of "remote beers" and "social zooms", so instead we'd like to get together for an actual challenge and to learn something new. We discuss open source projects we'd like to help and dedicate streamed live coding sessions. If you want to participate, let us know on Discord. You can see a list of upcoming session topics here:


Code of Conduct

Our goal is to have an awesome, inclusive and safe community meetup where people meet, hang out together, chat, listen to talks, exchange ideas and make new friends. Any harmful or discriminating behaviour will not be tolerated and results in the offending person being expelled from the meetup.

For details on what kinds of behaviour are not tolerated and consequences for violating these rules, we refer to the Berlin Code of Conduct.

Note: BerlinJS has been a pioneer in the JavaScript User Group scene in Europe and set a great example. We want to learn from and follow the best, hence we allowed ourselves to copy a few things from them.